Saturday, 1 September 2012

London 2012 Pictures!

Hello lovelies.
So I wanted to show you all a few pictures of when I went away for a few days to 
London (25th-29th August). I went with my Sister, my Dad and my Dad's partner :)

Most of the photos were taken by my sister, so check her out here!

(click image to enlarge)
london bridge | london bridge again | streets and the starbucks we went to every morning for breakfast | shopping in covent garden | london eye | museum we visited | close up of museum | paralympic games countdown in trafalgar square | fountains in trafalgar square | visiting old queeny ;) | covent garden | the eye at night | cuuute shop that sold macaroons | macaroons | cute kitchen stuff in a shop in covent garden | cute letter things I wanted for my room in the same shop |

(click image to enlarge)
more stuff in the cute shop | lights where we sat one night which looked lovely | the most gorgeous giraffes at london zoo | the giraffes | fish | compare the meerkat | otters ;D | penguins! | the most amazing picture of a butterfly that my sister took | scary looking fish | scary gorilla | shopping in camden market | another museum we visited | london taxis | inside museum | fountains near london bridge |

Overall it was a really good - yet tiring good few days! We did a lot actually, we saw sights, did some shopping, visited London Zoo, had some lovely meals out, etc. I also got to go to Westfield for the first time which was super awesome! I absolutely loved going to the zoo, as I haven't been to a zoo in years and it was soo big! One of my favourite - if not my favourite animals are giraffes and they were absolutely beautiful and my sister got some good pictures of them!

Thank you for reading!
Much love, xx

Have you been to any of these?
Did you go away this Summer? - Let me know in the comments!