Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

Hello lovelies.

So today's post is going to be on some of the nail polishes I love to wear in the Summer. They are all very fun and bright colours and are ones I wear very often in the Summer months.

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- Sinful Colors Nail Polish – Neon Melon
I love this one as it is just a very bright neon greenish yellow. It's such a fun colour 
and is nothing like anything that I own. 

- Sinful Colors Nail Polish – Summer Peach 
This is also a very neon polish and just a bright orange, super nice on the fingers and toes!

- Sinful Colors Nail Polish – Pink
I had this one on my toes the other day and it was super nice and summery! All three of these Sinful Colors nail polishes dry matte which I think is really unique and looks really cool!

- ELF Nail Polish – Mango Madness
I recently brought this and it is just a gorgeous orange/coral. It's slightly thin but with 2-3 coats looks opaque.

- Models Own Nail Polish – Feeling Blue
I wear this one a lot in the Summer and is such a gorgeous bright blue. I love Models Own polishes but do find they can be a little bit thick when applied sometimes.

- Revlon Scented Nail Polish – Pretty In Papaya
I recently wore this colour and it looked gorgeous in the sun! It's just a bright red/coral and really does smell gorgeous when on the nails!

- Revlon Scented Nail Polish – Passion Fruit
This is another one of the scented ones and also smells lovely. It is probably my favourite purple and one of the favourite polishes I own. I wear it all the time and is just a bright purple, perfect for Summer!

- Models Own Nail Polish – Foxy Fuchsia
I had wanted this nail polish for a long time and was so glad I finally brought it. It's just your average bright pink and looks gorgeous in the Summer!

- Topshop Nail Polish – Awol
I cannot even express my love for this polish. I recently brought it and have fallen in love with it! It's a deep blue (although it doesn't look it on camera) and I have worn it almost everyday since I got it.

- Barry M Nail Polish – Blueberry Ice Cream
Although I really dislike Barry M polishes, this is just a gorgeous baby blue. It is a bit thick, but only needs about 1-2 coats which is super good.

- NYX Nail Polish – Magenta
I wear this one a lot and am very glad I brought it. I hadn't heard anything about NYX polishes but I do like them. The brush is the perfect size and the formulation is really nice. This is one is just a bright pink with some lilac veining going through it which is really unique and pretty!

- China Glaze Nail Polish – Shower Together
I brought this one absolutely ages ago and have used it loads ever since. It is only a mini but still has a lot left. It is just a deep aqua colour and the formulation is really nice. I definitely want more from China Glaze!

- Revlon Nail Polish – Radiant 
This one I only really wear over the China Glaze one, which you can see from the last swatch. That is is swatched over the China Glaze one, as you can see it does look very nice.

These are all of the nail polishes swatched (with 2 coats) on a nail wheel. I brought these from eBay and you can find them here for a really great price. 

Thank you for reading.
Much love, xx

What nail polishes do you love in the Summer time?
Are any of these your favourites?


  1. Where do you get the sinful colours ones? I've never seen them before but they look amazing x

    1. I got them from my friend in America x

  2. wow I love the look of that topshop nail polish , great youtube video's by the way

  3. what are the nail wheels like? are they good quality? I love you youtube videos and you should keep writing blog posts they are great!xx